Accreditation process G7 Biarritz Summit [fr]

Media accreditations are now open for the G7 Biarritz Summit.

How do you apply for accreditation?

Journalists who wish to be accredited for the G7 Biarritz Summit need to register on our online accreditation platform.

When do you apply?

You can access the accreditation platform starting Monday, 20 May at 8:00

The deadline for accreditation applications is Friday, 14 June at 14:00. After this time, no accreditation application will be accepted and you can no longer become accredited to access the G7 Summit venues.

We encourage journalists to submit their accreditation applications as early as possible given the time it takes to review and check the information in them.


Merely submitting an online accreditation application does not mean that you will automatically be accredited to access the G7 Summit venues.

All accreditation applications will be processed by government services. Accreditation will be granted after the documents submitted are reviewed and approved and will be dependant upon the number of spots available.

In the event of technical problems, please call: +33(0)185606092 or send an email to:

Additionnal Information

For all questions regarding accommodation and transport for the G7 Biarritz Summit, please see the attached note.

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Information Accreditation G7 Biarritz Summit
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