Import of animals

Regulation about import of animals

Mandatory conditions

  • Animals must be identified
  • They must have a European pet passport
  • They must have a proof of a valid vaccination against rabies

Stay of three months or more in France :

  • It is necessary to declare the animal to the Town Hall where you temporarily live on your arrival in France
Specific rules for dogs

In which category is your dog ?

Some dogs as Staffordshire terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Mastiff, Tosa or similar, which could be dangerous, are subject to strict regulations divided into two categories for importing them in France.

If your dog is a :

  • Staffordshire terrier,
  • American Staffordshire terrier (pitbulls),
  • Mastiff (boer bulls),
  • Tosa
  • or similar by their morphological features

And is NOT REGISTERED IN A PEDIGREE RECORD recognised by the French Ministry of Agriculture, your dog is thus considered as attack dog (category 1) and may NOT be imported into France.

However, if your dog is part of one of these breeds of dog or is similar to them and is REGISTERED IN A PEDIGREE RECORD recognised by the French Ministry of Agriculture, your dog is thus considered as defense dog (category 2) and may be imported into France under stringent requirements explained below.

Nota bene :
Dogs similar to Rottweiler (category 2) are allowed to be in France without necessarily being registered in a pedigree record.


Requirements for category 2 dogs in France

Owners must themselves ensure that the following conditions are met :

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Not be under guardianship (unless authorised by the guardianship judge)
  • Not have been given a jail sentence (firm or suspended) for a crime listed in bulletin n°2 of the police record or an equivalent document for foreign nationals)
  • have a French CERTIFICATE OF APTITUDE (Attestation d’aptitude) (only an accredited French trainer can issue this certificate after at least 7 hours of training)
  • Prove that the dog has undergone a BEHAVIOURAL ASSESSMENT (only an accredited French veterinary surgeon, registered on a prefectorial list in a French département, for the purpose of carrying out behavioural assessments, can issue this assessment)
  • Have a SPECIFIC CIVIL LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICY covering the damage that the dog might cause in France
  • Keep the dog leashed and muzzled on the public highway, in public areas and on public transports
  • Obtain, in the first place where he lives, a DOG LICENCE by registering their dog at the Town Hall
  • Have the dog registered in the French National Canine File (Fichier National Canin) after 3 months of being in France.

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