Short stay visa Schengen


The short-stay visa is issued for all the countries that are part of the Schengen area for a maximum period of 90 days (see the list of the Schengen countries).

Each visa applicant aged 12 years or more must appear in person with an appointment (see below). The General French Consulate in Frankfort has sole competence in Germany to issue french Schengen visas.

You can’t apply for a visa more than 3 months before the previous date of departure.

Note : Schengen visas are also valid to enter Monaco and Andorra.

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Documents to be provided (originals + one copy of all your originals)

- 1 short-stay visa application form duly completed and signed ;

- 1 identification photo, in colour, recent (less than three months), original in 35 mm X 45 mm format with clear and uniform background ;

- Original passport + photocopy of principal pages. Passport in good condition, with a date of expiration at least 3 months after the end of the visa, issued within the past 10 years and containing at least 2 blank pages. The visa is validated by a self-adhesive label that will be affixed to one of the pages of the passport ;

- Proof of legal presence in Germany + photocopy (Aufenthaltstitel, long-stay visa) ;

- Proof of income + photocopy :

  • If you are an independent worker, you must provide proof of business registration.
  • If you are a salaried employee, you must provide detailed proof of employment (letter from your employer) as well as your last three salary statements.
  • If you are retired and draw pension benefits, you must provide proof of payment of such benefits.
  • If you are a stockbroker, you must provide your stock exchange documents.
  • If you are unemployed, all documents pertaining to your resources, for example : letter from your spouse’s employer indicating his or her position, salary, the date of commencement of employment, the last three salary statements as well as your marriage certificate with translation.

- Banking statements of the last three months.

- Supporting evidence of stay :

  • proof of accomodation + copy (document to be obtained from the town hall of the host’s residence) or hotel reservation or ownership title in your name or lease in your name. The reservation(s) must cover the entire period of all stays.
  • Travelling for business in France : letter from your employer stating that you are going to France on their behalf, for what purpose and when, the name, address and contact number of the company to be visited is required. Or for searchers only, "Hosting agreement" ("Convention d’accueil") duly completed and certified by the hosting institution and by the prefecture (original + 2 photocopies) (see sample)
  • Trainee within the scope of the studies : training agreement.

- Travel insurance covering the cost of repatriation for medical reasons, of emergency medical treatment or hospitalization in effect for the length of the stay in the Schengen countries with minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros. Contact your insurer and present a document bearing your name which clearly outlines this coverage.

- Application fees (non-refundable) : 60 € payable only cash (200 € and 500 € bank notes are not accepted). Spouse of a european citizen don’t pay the visa fees (provide marriage act and proof of european citizenship of the spouse).

The Consulate reserves the right to claim additional evidence. Furthermore, it is important to keep at all times all the original documents ; they could be requested upon your entry in France since the visa does not guarantee admittance into French territory.


Because of the processing time, we suggest you to join an envelopp in order to send it per registered post (envelopps from DHL, UPS, ... are not accepted) for the return of your passport at home in Germany.
If you don’t wish to let your passport at the visa section, you will have to come back another day to pick up your visa.
Please see the timeframes

Make an appointment with the visa section

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