Stay in France more than 90 days for an ascendant of a French national or of his/her foreign spouse


This visa is granted to foreign ascendants who wish to reside in France (or at least stay for a period of more than 3 months per 6-month interval) with a descendant (son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter) of French nationality or with a foreign descendant spouse of a French national.

An ascendant may have the intention of settling in France :
either as “a dependent ascendant” if evidence of dependency is provided ;
or as a “non-dependent ascendant” (“visitor”) subject to providing evidence of having the personal financial resources necessary to provide for his livelihood while in France.

Each visa applicant must appear in person with an appointment (see below). The General French Consulate in Frankfort has sole competence in Germany to issue such french visas.

You can’t apply for a visa more than 3 months before the previous date of departure.

Documents to be provided (originals + one copy of all your originals)

For each applicant :

- 1 [*] long-stay visa application form duly completed and signed ;

- 1 [*] identification photo, in colour, recent (less than three months), original in 35 mm X 45 mm format with clear and uniform background ;

- Original passport + photocopy of principal pages. Passport in good condition, with a date of expiration at least 15 months after the beginning of the visa, issued within the past 10 years and containing at least 2 blank pages. The visa is validated by a self-adhesive label that will be affixed to one of the pages of the passport ;

- Proof of legal presence in Germany + photocopy (Aufenthaltstitel, long-stay visa) ;

- A letter in french outlining the reasons for your application (original + photocopy) ;

- Evidence of the parental affiliation with the descendant, of the French nationality of the descendant or the spouse of the descendant ;

- A solemn undertaking not to be employed during the stay (original + photocopy) ;

- Specific OFII form duly completed ;

- Application fees (non-refundable) : 99 € payable only cash (200 € and 500 € bank notes are not accepted). Spouse of a european citizen don’t pay the visa fees (provide marriage act and proof of european citizenship of the spouse).

- As a dependent ascendant, he or she must prove that the descendant has sufficient means to provide for his or her livelihood while in France, which implies that his own resources must be inexistent or insufficient to provide for his livelihood in his country of origin, and that the descendant must have contributed for a significant time to the ascendant’s livelihood. The descendant must prove sufficient resources, with his bank statements of the last three months, his last three pay slips and his last French income tax notice.

Medical insurance covering the first 3 months of his stay is required ;

- As a non-dependent ascendant are required :

  • Extract from the police record of countries where the applicant has resided during the past three years + photocopy ;
  • Evidence of residence in France (title to property, deed of sale, lease contract). Attach an electric, telephone bill…) (original + photocopy) ;
  • Evidence of all financial resources available to the applicant during his stay in France for an amount of 1 000 € per month (original + photocopy) ;
  • The document establishing the applicant’s social security coverage during his stay in France (original + 1 copy) valid for the entire period of the stay, covering emergency medical and hospital care and the cost of repatriation ;

Attention : The Consulate reserves the right to request additional evidence.


Because of the processing time, we suggest you to join an envelopp in order to send it per registered post (envelopps from DHL, UPS, ... are not accepted) for the return of your passport at home in Germany.
If you don’t wish to let your passport at the visa section, you will have to come back another day to pick up your visa.
Please see the timeframes

Make an appointment with the visa section


Upon arrival in France, the person must immediately send the specific OFII form signed by the Consulate to the OFII territorial division that has jurisdiction in the Department where the person resides. The OFII will subsequently contact him or her for the compulsory medical and reception appointments. Fees for the issuance of the residency document must be paid on this occasion.

Stay in Schengen-Area

In accordance with Article 21 § 2bis of the Schengen Convention, this type “D” visa allows the holder to travel in the Schengen Area for a maximum of 90 days per 6-month period without any other visa.


Citizens from following countries must produce 2 long-stay application forms and 2 photos : Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaïdjan, Belorussia, Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kirghistan, Liban, Libya, Moldavia, Ouzbekistan, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraina.

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