Visas for France

JPEGThe Consulate General of France in Frankfurt is only the one, which is competent to issue visas for France to applicants who are holders of a german resident card or of a german long stay visa.
You can’t apply for a visa more than 3 months before the previous date of departure.

ALL VISAS MUST BE REQUESTED BEFORE THE DEPARTURE TO FRANCE. If you are already in France, we won’t accept your visa application and you will be obliged to do it in your country.

Applicants holding a diplomatic or official passport have to apply at the Embassy of France in Germany.


- Journeys of pupils in the european Union

- Opening hours, contact, access to the visa section

- Make an appointment with the visa section

- Timeframes

Visas to study

- Student of majority age (more than 18 years) - long stay

- Minors with schooling - long stay

- Domestic helper-trainee (au pair) - long stay

- Student trainees - long stay

- Monaco - long stay

- Return of foreign students no longer authorized to stay in France

Visas to work

- Salaried workers or employees introduced by l’Office français de l’immigration et de l’intégration (OFII) - long stay

- Passeport-talent, among which :

  • Scientist-researcher
  • Salaried in mission
  • European blue card
  • Artist

- Professionals or self-employed workers - long stay

- Language assistants and readers

- French Territorial Overseas Communities (CTOM) - long stay

- Monaco - long stay

- Clergy and associated lay persons

Visas for tourism or for a simple visit

- Short stay visa Schengen

- Stay in Metropolitan France or DROM for more than 90 days for tourism or a simple visit

- French Territorial Overseas Communities (CTOM) - long stay

Visas for a French family or for citizens of the European Union

- Spouse of a French citizen - long stay

- Foreign minor or child having a French national as guardian - long stay

- Spouse of a European Union national (except french citizens)

- Stay in France more than 90 days for an ascendant of a French national or of his/her foreign spouse

- Parent of a french national minor - long stay

- Monaco - long stay

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